The Young Prophets

What would you do if one night you had a heavenly vision? Keep it a secret? Tell the world? Would it change your life or would you stay the same?

"Visionaries: The Young Prophets" follows the story of Elijah Abbot, a teenage boy in a small town, and how a heavenly messenger changes his life and the lives of those around him.

But Elijah is not alone. Thousands of children around the world share his experience. Now Elijah, with the help of family and friends, must find out what the visions mean and where it will lead them and all mankind.


"The Young Prophets" is the culmination of many years of work. I wrote it as a way to share my faith and the beliefs that led me to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of the book was never to make me rich or famous, so I have decided the best way to share it is to give it away online. All chapters are now posted. Anyone who would prefer an actual copy of the book may purchase one by clicking on the "Buy Book" link on the left.

I have also put a link called "Shorts." Here you will find church realted short stories I have written.

Hope you Enjoy

To get started, just click the "Chapter Listing" link on the left. There is also a link to legal disclaimers and copyright information. I hope you enjoy the story. If you like it, please tell a friend.