Chapter 19

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” Matthew 5:11

An hour later, Elijah was finishing up his homework. Gram was very specific that he get his homework done before starting anything else. Elijah tried to argue about the importance of getting the word out on the Young Prophet’s website, but Gram quickly reminded him of his “in trouble” track record at school the past couple of days. It was a hard point to argue.

It was starting to get late, but Elijah wasn’t tired. He could feel the adrenaline pumping every time he thought about the picture of Joseph Smith. This was important, and amazing, and unbelievable all rolled up in one. Only the night before, NoVoice had posted on the website forums the question asking who the boy in the visions was. Now, a day later, he knew he had the answer.

The question was still up on the computer. A quick refresh of the page revealed dozens of new replies. Elijah began with the post following NoVoice’s and scanned down through the titles for anything about Mormons or Joseph Smith. He was surprised to see that many of the other visionaries mentioned finding ties to them. Some were clearly not favorable.

“I hate reading posts that just rip on stuff,” Elijah thought. He was never much for confrontation. But still, he knew he was right about Joseph Smith and he knew he needed to know more.

Starting with the first post, Elijah began reading. It seemed that God was at work again. Several posts showed that other visionaries were also guided to the Mormons, some in simple ways, others more miraculous ones. He found that most of the negative posts weren’t by people that had visions at all, but by anonymous guests just saying bad things about the Mormon Church. Still some of the things they were saying sounded pretty strange.

One post said that Mormons aren’t Christians and another restated what Gram suggested earlier that Mormons worshiped Joseph Smith instead of Jesus, neither of which seemed true from what the Roches had told him earlier. Several posts were too weird to be believable at all and some were too deeply doctrinal for Elijah to know if mainstream Christians even believed the stuff they chided Mormons for not believing. Then he came to a post from the member called Dreamer. He remembered she was the girl from Utah. At the time he really hadn’t heard much about Mormons and it never registered with him that being from Utah most likely meant she was Mormon.

“Hey all! I’ve known in my heart from the beginning that the boy just had to be Joseph Smith. Glad to see others are finding it out, too. As the side bar notes, I’m from Utah and yes I am a Mormon. There’ve been quite a few posts on here putting my church down. Personally, I’ve never had time for those that put others down without knowing anything about them; but as Jesus said, Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. (Matt 5:11)

“I had to post and say that I know the church is true and Joseph Smith was just as much a prophet as any of the YP’s today. You may think I’m just saying that because I was raised that way, but even those born into the religion have to find a testimony of their own sooner or later. You can read these posts, positive and negative, but if you really want to know what Mormons are all about – go to the source – - Dreamer”

Elijah had to admit that Dreamer made sense; it’s best to get information from the source. Even the positive things being said on the forums were second-hand information. He clicked the link and watched as the page loaded. The main page was simple and straightforward. Several animations posing questions faded in and out across the picture of a woman with the words “We all have questions” in large letters below.

“Do I ever,” thought Elijah.

Clicking on the image a short film played with several people saying they were not sure about a lot of things in life. Across the top of the page were several links. The first one “Basic Beliefs” seemed the best place to start.

Elijah began reading. He followed link after link and read page after page. Time seemed to stand still. He had no idea what time it actually was when Gram’s familiar “time for bed” knock came. The clock on the computer screen said it was just after eleven.

“Come in and take a look at this Gram,” he called to her.

“It’s awful late, Elijah. You need your rest for school tomorrow,” Gram said as she entered the room.

“I know, but you’ve gotta see this.”

Gram walked over to the computer. She squinted a little as she looked at the screen. “And what am I looking at?”

“It’s all about the Mormon church. There’s tons of stuff on here. And it’s right in line with the vision.”

“So, what’s it say about them? Do they believe in Jesus or worship Joseph Smith?”

“Here let me show you.” Elijah pulled up several videos of people testifying that Mormons do indeed worship Jesus Christ as the savior and revere Joseph Smith as a prophet.

“Well, that’s good to know,” Gram replied. “Alright now, we can discuss this more in the morning. I need some time to sleep on it. A good night’s sleep clears the head. And if we’re going to meet those missionaries tomorrow, you’d best get some sleep, too.”

Elijah turned off the computer’s monitor and got up. Walking across the room he sat down on his bed and faced Gram. “So much has happened today. It’s like my whole world has changed. I know this is right, Gram. I can’t say how, but I just feel it.”

“I know, dear,” Gram said, her voice was calming to him. “I know you’re excited, but you should try to get some rest. If God’s meant this to be, then He will make sure it’s still there in the morning.”

As Gram left the room Elijah fell back onto his pillow and stared at the ceiling light above his bed. All that had happened and everything he’d read swirled through his mind. He felt more exhausted than if he’d run a marathon. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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