Chapter 6

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Matthew 24:14

After dinner, Elijah was ready to make another attempt to search the Web for links to other visionaries. Becca was now the focus of his father's attention. He could hear them still in the dining room clearing the table and talking about how school was going so far this year. Gram had moved into the kitchen filling the sink with water to do the dishes.

Quietly, he made his way to his room, afraid that any noise might alert the rest of the family that he was leaving the downstairs. His computer monitor threw a faint glow on the otherwise dark room. He sat down and looked at the screen. Once again he said a quick prayer and started to type.

There were plenty of links to sites regarding the "Prophet Phenomenon." Mostly news feeds and general religious sites that posted views from the different sects. That wasn't what he was looking for, though. He didn't care what the Baptists or Evangelicals thought of the visions. It really didn't matter to him what the President or the Pope had to say about it right now. Right now he needed to talk to others who had experienced the visions personally.

Forums were going to be his best bet. He opened his favorite search website. Unsure what to start with he tried typing religious forums and clicking the link to the first site that came up. The site had several links to forums of various topics from "Gospel Principles" to "Make a Friend." But it was at the top of the page that Elijah found what he was looking for. A link in a large and flashing font titled "Discussions on Recent Visions."

At first glance, the forum was full of entries giving opinions and asking questions about the visions, but very few entries were from anyone that had actually had a vision. After searching through several pages one link caught his eye, "New Young Prophets Web Page." Elijah clicked the link and read the posting.

"I've had a vision, but I'm having a difficult time sharing it. Relate well with computers, but not people. lol

"Thought it might help me to share my vision if I started a site for other's that are in the same boat. Just follow the link The site is definitely a work in progress. Stop by and let's chat. Please no personal agendas, radical crap, or religion bashing. Be great to hear from others. Peace - NoVoice."

Elijah felt relieved, relieved that he was not alone in his struggles. Others were having similar problems and were looking for help, too. This was perfect. Finally, an open door!

He clicked the link. "The Young Prophet Society" was in large print across the top of the page along with a logo that had the letters YPS in a rounded off triangular shape with wings and a halo. Elijah quickly read the site's introduction.

"Welcome fellow visionaries. My name is Rodger Murney, but on-line I go by NoVoice. Hope you like the site. Right now it's only got a forum and mailing list, but chat and blogging are coming. I'm also looking for moderators. Anyone who might like to help moderate the forum please drop me an email. Registration is not required to view, but it is to post.

"The site is to help those of us who have had visions to cope with the marvelous experience. I have written down my vision, which you can read by following the 'Visions' link. While there, feel free to add your own. Also, anyone posting inappropriate comments will have their account deleted - NO IF's, AND's,OR BUT's. Hope you enjoy! Peace - NoVoice."

Elijah eagerly clicked on the link to the forums. He was impressed by the work NoVoice had done. It had been less than 2 days since the vision and there was already a working forum board. There were even a few posts, all having been started within the last couple of hours. The first link was "Why we're here." and had been posted by Rodger, A.K.A NoVoice.

"Those of you that found this site from one of my posts on other forums already know that I started this site because I've had a vision and I'm having trouble sharing it. I believe the visions are to fulfill Jesus's saying that the gospel must be taught to the world before the BIG ENDING. I've seen others doing their thing on TV and radio, but computers are my thing. I did try talking to kids at school, but that just got me sent home. 'Too much of a distraction for the other students!' is what they told me. I'd like to hear what did/didn't work for others. Peace -NoVoice"

Elijah felt tingles all over his body as he read through several of the replies. It was like hitting the jackpot. He had found what he was looking for. It also felt uplifting to know that he was not alone in his struggles. There were others out there in the same boat as him.

He quickly read through the remaining forum entries. Before he could add his own post, Elijah had to create a profile. He thought for what seemed like eternity on a username. It had to be something cool that let people know something about him, but the longer he thought about it the more he realized that he just liked the name Elijah. The site was about prophets and Elijah was always his favorite Sunday School prophet, with the whole calling fire down from Heaven thing.

The profile also allowed input for each user's real name, location, and religious background. This information showed in a box beside each posting a user added to a forum discussion. There was also a space to share the new user's vision. Elijah had recounted what he saw several times, but he wanted to be sure he didn't miss anything. He had kept the paper that Gram wrote his vision down on from the previous morning and used it to add his vision to the site.

Finally, you could add a favorite saying or quote. He didn't know the verse by heart so he went back to the Internet and searched for "Bible Online." The search found multiple online Bible study guides. Once again he clicked the first link. The web site had a scripture search right on the main page. By typing in a few key words, Elijah quickly found the verse. He smiled as he copied and pasted, "Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock and it will be opened unto you."

After his profile was created, Elijah read through some of the other user's profiles that had joined the site. There were people from all over the world and from many different religious backgrounds. Most of the members had posted their visions and Elijah realized that none of them were exactly the same. There was the main theme of the gospel going forth, tough times, the evil ruler, and Christ's return; but each one also had specific differences for the area and religion of the person that received it.

Elijah felt his heart burn within him. It hadn't occurred to him that the visions might be different. He was amazed. God actually knew each of them, what they needed, and what the people that lived around them needed.

One that stood out more than any of the others was posted by a Middle Eastern boy that called himself "Anonymous_Angel." He first apologized for not being able to be open about who or where he was. "It is illegal in my country to convert from Islam to any other religion and apostasy is punishable by imprisonment or death. I do not fear for my own safety, but if found out my family could face consequences too," explained the writer. "Despite my country's laws, I will still do everything within my power to share what God has shown me."

Even with no one around, Elijah felt embarrassed by his own fears of sharing his vision.

Anonymous_Angel went on to describe his own vision. It was clear from the vision that God wanted him to know that Jesus Christ was indeed His son and that he was to share the vision whenever prompted by the spirit. The vision ended with one common thread that Elijah found in every vision. A young boy was sent to start rebuilding the kingdom of God.

"Who could this boy be?" Elijah thought to himself. Before he could meditate on the subject he was startled by a soft knock at his door. In looked his grandmother.

"Time for bed Elijah! It's almost mid-night," she whispered. He was surprised to see that she was right. Several hours had past since he started.

"Sorry Gram. I lost track of the time," Elijah yawned, stretching his arms over his head. He stood up and turned off the monitor.

Gram closed the door. All the doors in the old house squeaked and the floors creaked. Elijah could hear her walk down the hallway into her room and close her bedroom door. Left alone and without any distractions it suddenly hit him just how tired he really was. Turning, he slumped down on the edge of his bed and kicked off his shoes.

He reflected on the day for a moment. It had been a good day. He spent some time with his father and found a new door that God had open for him. He felt relieved and inspired by the "Young Prophet's Society" site. He slid off the bed onto his knees and prayed.

"Father in Heaven. I just wanted to thank you for blessing me with the vision. I'm also thankful for your guiding me to the 'Young Prophets' website. I pray that it will help me to know what to do next. Oh! And please watch out for Anonymous_Angel, whoever he is. In Jesus name, Amen."

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